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Q. I am interested in purchasing a lot and building a home at Verandah Estates. Who should I call?
A. Please call or email our Sales Manager at: (268) 764-7842 or
Q. What is the cost to building a home at Verandah Estates?
A. Your building cost will depend on the type of home you wish to build, and the interior finishes, along with any extras like a swimming pool or guest house. In general, building costs range from $175 to $200 per square foot. However, each home is different and we will build and finish your home to your specifications and desires (provided that the minimum requirements for quality and aesthetics applicable to all homes within the Verandah Estates community are met).
Q. How long does it take to build a home at Verandah Estates?
A. Typical build times are 9—12 months depending on the size and finishes of your home.
Q. What are the permitting requirements for building a home in Antigua?
A. Verandah Estates works closely with architects and the Development Control Authority (“DCA”) in Antigua. Once your building plans are completed, the architects will submit the plans to the DCA for approval. The approval process is usually simple and straightforward and takes about 30—60 days. Once approved, construction can begin immediately.
Q. Do homeowners at Verandah Estates have any privileges at The Verandah Resort & Spa?
A. Yes. The Verandah Resort & Spa is directly adjacent to Verandah Estates, and homeowners are welcome to enjoy the restaurants, bars, and spa & salon at the resort at the same prices that these terrific facilities are available to resort guests.
Q. Are there any special requirements for non-citizens?
A. Yes. If you are not a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda, then a Non-Citizen’s Land Holding Licence is required. Obtaining a Licence is a fairly simple and straightforward process, which involves an application and a stamp duty equal to 5% of the assessed value of the land (typically based on the sales price). Our sales and legal personnel will be happy to assist you with applying for an obtaining your Licence. Once your application is submitted, it usually takes about 90—120 days for your Licence to be issued. This is largely an administrative process, and we will guide you every step of the way.
Q. What are the land and property tax rates in Antigua?
A. Land and property tax rates in Antigua are quite minimal. Residential land tax is 0.2% per annum, and residential property tax is just 0.3% per annum.
Q. Are there capital gains taxes in Antigua?
A. No.
Q. Can I rent my home at Verandah Estates to others while I am not in residence?
A. Yes. While not built specifically as a rental community, homeowners are permitted to rent their homes at Verandah Estates.